Kailua Kona Real Estate: Market Update February 2013

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Kailua Kona’s real estate market continues to see a resurgence, as inventory levels remain low and strong Buyer interest continues.

The Griggs market report  was released recently and there is no better way to illustrate Kona’s market, than with hard facts.

A few statistics to note, when compared to data from the same time last year:

Active properties listed, priced to $4,000,000 are down 26%.

Properties SOLD in the last 30 days, has increased by 43%!

The pending ratio, which is an indicator of market strength and trend, is up 46%!

Care to see more? Read the latest Griggs Report!  

I’m off to show some wonderful properties in the Captain Cook area, enjoy the report! 

The Griggs report is a publication by Mike Griggs, who has generously shared his report here with my readers.

Save Kona Coffee! Fighting the Coffee Berry Borer

Our beloved Kona coffee is under attack by a beetle that threatens to decimate our coffee industry if left unchecked.  

The Coffee Berry Borer is a beetle native to Africa that is found in most coffee growing regions in the world. Save Kona Coffee! CBB Information, Fighting the berry borer

First discovered on the Big Island in 2010, the borer has spread throughout the Kona area and has been found in coffee farms in Kau.

Adult berry borers are 1.4-1.77 mm in length, smaller in size than sesame seeds.

Females burrow into coffee beans and lay their eggs. Once the larvae hatch, they then eat their way out, destroying the bean in the process. Save Kona Coffee, CBB Kona, Fighting the Coffee Berry Borer

Destroyed beans are a total loss for coffee farmers. Less production equates to lost revenue while increasing the cost of cultivation. That loss is then passed onto the consumer in the form of higher prices.

This beetle has the potential to cripple the Kona coffee industry. Not just destroying a few beans here and there, but wiping out farms completely. The danger of the this infestation cannot be understated.

Industry wide, it is estimated that the borer does over $500 million dollars worth of crop damage per year.

Howard Dicus, a local television personality for Hawaii News Now Sunrise recently did a morning news piece with Melanie Bondera of the Kohala center. In association with Kamehameha Schools and the Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association, the Kohala center produced an instructional video with tips on combating the berry borer. Howard interviews Melanie on the production in the news clip below.

Howard Dicus Hawaii News Now Sunrise segment 

Staff from the University of Hawaii Manoa – College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources,  U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Hawai`i Department of Agriculture have been working jointly to find the most effective ways to combat the beetle. 

Eradication at this point does not seem likely.  However, if coffee farmers and private citizens are aware and vigilant, the hope is beetle infestation can be kept to minimal levels.  

Please watch the video below and share with anyone who has coffee trees on their property.

Help save Kona coffee!  

For more information on the coffee berry borer see links below.

Coffee Berry Borer Information, University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Department of Agriculture Coffee Berry Borer Page

Department of Agriculture’s Frequently Asked Questions on Coffee Berry Borer

Kona Coffee Farmers Association

West Hawaii’s Newest Real Estate Blog!

As a West Hawaii resident whose profession is real estate, launching a blog devoted to property, lifestyle and island happenings I felt had the potential to be informative and helpful to persons interested in our own wonderful part of the Big Island, West Hawaii.

I have been an active, licensed Hawaii Realtor with Clark Realty Corporation since 2007 and with that has brought market experience, knowledge, along with a few absolutely hysterical stories!

Real estate isn’t just a “job” for me, it is something I personally enjoy. Being able to preview, show and sell amazing property in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, truly is a gift.


Mahalo for stopping by, and be sure to check back frequently for updates!